May 11, 2021

James Halliday Write-Up On Wines From Orange

Introduction to Wines from Orange

The Orange region is ideal for grape growing and winemaking because of the combination of geology, soils, climate and temperature. Together these factors combine to produce grapes and wine of distinct flavour and colour. The cool temperatures during the growing season coupled with dry autumn conditions are ideal for grape growing.

History: Orange in NSW has a history of fruit-producing spanning almost 200 years – but it’s not known for its oranges. In fact, it’s one of Australia’s leading producers of apples and also cherries. As well as the flourishing orchards of the region, the area’s rich soils, high altitude and cool climate have proven to be perfect for growing wine grapes.

The region’s wine story begins in the 1940s, when an experimental viticulture station was established. But it wasn’t until the first commercial vines were planted at Bloodwood in 1983 that Orange truly made it onto Australia’s wine map. Since then, wine production has taken off in the region, today with almost 60 wineries, many small and family-run.

Orange’s Leading Wine Style: Orange is renowned for producing refined, delicately flavoured examples of everything from sparkling to reds. From sauvignon blanc to chardonnay and shiraz, discover more about the region’s hero varieties below, which James Halliday says show “elegance and fine-boned intensity across styles”.


These are the Top Orange Wines that you can find in Liberty Liquors:

Printhie Wines



Highland Heritage Wines



Ross Hill Wines



Other Wines From Orange:

Philip Shaw & Patina Wines



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