October 31, 2019

Liberty Liquors W.A. Supports the West Australian Arts, $58,000 in one year gifted as prizes

Liberty Liquors in its first year of operation 2018 introduced a $50,000 Portraiture Prize for WEST AUSTRALIAN artists only to paint WEST AUSTRALIAN Wine identities. Over 1000 persons voted and the winner was AGED TO PERFECTION painted by LEANNE PEARSON.

Liberty Liquors is a WEST AUSTRALIAN company run and owned by a West Australian citizen Justin Stephenson and his work associates .We are a Fiercely Independant company competing hard with all the multi- nationals in the market place.

In 2019, Liberty Liquors introduced another Art competition relating to Pottery and Ceramic by WEST AUSTRALIAN artists. The competition was for items in pottery and or ceramics that related to the last 9019 (nine thousand and ninteen) years where wine has been traded and transported and stored in vessels.

The Winner was Dee Parker with Grecian pomegranate urn

Both competitions have received praise and support by all the WEST AUSTRALIAN artists and the WEST AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC Here are some samples of the submission.