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Wide Range of Red Pinot Noir Wine in Western Australia

Liberty Liquors presents the best range of Pinot Noir wines in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a wine that’s easy on the palate and pocket, or a premium wine for a special occasion, we’ve got the wine selection you’re looking for. Order now for wine delivery right to your doorstep.


What is Pinot Noir Wine?

Although France is the home of Pinot Noir grapes, this variety thrives in several European countries.

Pinot Noir wine grapes do well in cooler climates where their famous acidity and delicate profile shine. The flavour of Pinot Noir red wine changes when the grape is grown in warmer climates, which is why the best wines in the world come from Australia, Germany, California and France.


Red Pinot Noir Wine at Liberty Liquors

Pinot Noir red wine is typically a light, silken wine with sophisticated tannins and a naturally high acidity. Unlike other red wines, this is not a full-bodied, bold wine that wants to be front-and-center. This style of wine is a mixture of delicate, finely tuned flavours that really shine in the hands of a master winemaker.

Australia’s mastery of Pinot Noir wine is best represented by regions with cooler climates such as Geelong, Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills and Mornington Peninsula. In Western Australia, the Great Southern regions such as Porongurup and Pemberton produce some of the most fascinating Pinot Noir wines.


Pinot Noir Food Pairing

Red Pinot Noir wine is a lighter bodied wine that typically pairs well with:

  • Lamb or other light red meats like duck
  • White meats like turkey, chicken and pork
  • Meaty fish like salmon and bass
  • Mushroom, herbs and pasta


Good Intentions Boxers Pinot Noir

It's a fine-boned, linear style of Pinot, with high acidity helping the palate flow gracefully. There are lifted carbonic aromas of fresh cherry, flavours of red apple skin and pomegranate, and a gentle leafiness, all framed by a light granitic grip.


Dr Edge Tasmania Pinot Noir

Medium-bodied, fresh, and clear. This wine has a crunchy acidity and grippy tannins that are perfectly offset by the medium body and light character.