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From under $6 to exclusive bottles, Perth’s Liberty Liquors Claremont, has the best range of Gin in Western Australia. Trying to decipher the difference between orris and angelica root? Don’t know if you prefer tonic or soda? Given the sheer number now on the market, finding the best Australian gin is no easy feat, particularly with distilleries popping up all over the place. Call it ‘mothers’ ruin’ or ‘depressing’ all you like, gin is seriously delicious, and we’re currently going nuts for Australian gin. Gin is a clear spirit that is made by distilling fermented grain and a number of other botanicals, one of which by law must be juniper. Gin is essentially pure ethanol, or flavourless vodka, that is flavoured through re-distillation with a range of natural ingredients. Usually a grain mash (wheat, barley or corn), but can be made from any mash, or in some cases grape spirit, to produce a neutral spirit that is then either redistilled or infused predominantly with juniper berries. Distillers are free to add any other natural ingredients and botanicals to achieve a target taste – herbs, fruit, nuts, spices and honey are common additions. When it comes to Gin, Australian botanicals are commonly used. In order to create gin, you need to infuse juniper into your base spirit, however, many other botanicals are usually used. Australia has such amazing natural flora and incorporating these in our gins has created a quite unique flavour. Some of these include Aniseed Myrtle, Bush Tomato, Lemon Myrtle, Finger limes, Pepperberry and Finger Lime. These all are quite unique flavours but overall it allows our gins to really stand out compared to the international competition with a uniquely Australian flavour. Unlike vodka and tequila which can be drunk neat, or bourbon and whisky which can include ice or a splash of water, gin is meant to be mixed. The range of botanicals used add varying complexities and flavours making it the perfect base for so many classic cocktails. Although inextricably linked to the UK, and often regarded as England’s national spirit, it originates from Holland. Gin’s arrival in England during the mid-17th century stemmed from the discovery of genever by British troops stationed in Holland who saw Dutch soldiers drinking the juniper-flavoured liquor to boost morale before heading into battle during the Thirty Years’ War. It was at this time that the term ‘Dutch Courage’ was said to have been created. Eventually, the English took the idea of making and drinking Gin back with them. The combination of a newly crowned Dutch king drinking his native spirit and an ease in production at the time gave Gin a firm foothold with the English drinker. Over time evolving into the London Dry style that came to the fore later in the 19th Century. Today, Gin is globally one of the most popular spirits making its mark in almost every country in the world that consumes alcohol. It is also experiencing a renaissance with new craft and artisan gin brands and distilleries emerging all over the globe – 315 currently in Britain more than double the number five years ago. Basic style of Gin; London Dry Gin– unlike Scotch or Cognac, London dry gin can be made anywhere in the world. ‘London Dry’ is a reference to the style of gin production rather than an indication of production location. Distilled Gin – is made the same way as London Dry except other flavours may be added after distillation – a practise increasing in popularity for experimental producers who can blend different distillates with their gins. Plymouth Gin – one of the 13 Protected Geographical Indications, Plymouth Gin must be made in Plymouth, on the south coast of England. Old Tom – is often called the ‘missing link’ in classic gin flavour profiles as it is slightly sweeter than London Dry but slightly drier than the Dutch Jenever. Navy Strength – characterised by an uncommonly high proof, 57% ABV and above. This was the traditional strength demanded by the British Royal Navy. Order and collect your Gin or have it delivered right to your door. Free shipping for orders over $100.