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Liberty Liquors is an independently operated retailer and curator of red wine ranging from excellent $20 selections to the best red wine labels from around the world. From sweet red wine to grippy, dry red wine varieties, we’re certain that our selection has the right wine for even the most discerning palate.


Curating a List of the Best Red Wine in Australia

The Liberty Liquors range of red wine is a thoughtfully curated collection of biodynamic, natural and organic bottles from a number of vineyards. To learn more about the best red wine labels from Western Australia, visit our tasting panel where experts provide detailed tasting notes on wines from regions such as Margaret River, Swan Valley and more.

If you’re looking for the best red wine in Australia, our 2023 tasting panel guide will help you get started!


Choosing the Best Red Wine in Australia

Our wine list is known for its diversity. Whether you’re looking for a nice red wine from Western Australia or a premium label from a famous French region, we’ve got you covered.


Opus One 2016

This is a Californian red wine that floods the palate with fine tannins, a well-rounded structure and a juicy flavour profile consisting of black cherry, blackberry and cassis.


Cullen Diana Madeline 2021

As the pride and joy of Western Australia, the Cullen winery has always paved the way with innovative wines such as the Diana Madeline 2021. This wine is biodynamic, carbon neutral and organic, with a deep, lingering flavour and a remarkable profile of dark chocolate, cherry, cedar, plum, cedar and rose. If you’re looking for a dry red wine with a punch of flavour, this is the one for you.


How to Serve a Nice Red Wine

Whether you’re enjoying a sweet red wine or something a bit more dry, the ideal temperature for red wine is between 13-18 degrees celsius. To really enjoy the unique mix of taste and aroma in a red wine, a glass with a wider bowl is recommended.

The right kind of food pairing for different types of red wine will depend on whether you’re enjoying a sweet or dry red wine, but in general, red wines pair well with red meats, grilled foods, strong cheeses and freshly baked bread.


Finest Selection of Premium Red Wines in Western Australia

Looking for the best red wine in Australia to dazzle your guests? Contact Liberty Liquors online for wine tips from the experts, or order now and have your favourite wine delivered right to your doorstep.