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Selection of Premixed Cocktails and Spirits in Australia

One of the fastest growing trends in the world of beverages is ready-to-go cocktails and pre-mixed drinks in a can, mixed and bottled by experts just for you! With the help of our team at Liberty Liquors, we’ve put together the best range of convenient, premixed drinks, ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Contact us for premium premixed spirits alcohol from around the world, non alcoholic spirits, and craft beer packs.


Premixed Spirits Alcohol Beverages

Experimenting with exotic ingredients and trying out complex cocktail recipes on friends is one of life’s many joys, but when you’re low on time and looking for instant flavour, premixed drinks are the best option. Premixed drinks are made by combining base spirits like high-quality whisky with other ingredients to create a cocktail in a bottle or can.

One of the best things about premixed drinks is that the recipe is developed by brands that know their flavour combinations well. The Vodka Cruiser Black Citrus is a simple, understated beverage that uses high-quality ingredients well. For serious vodka lovers, this contains triple-distilled vodka with just the right amount of citrus to cut through the mix.

For those who love sparkling wine, we recommend the Chum Churum Peach Soju known for its vibrant peach flavour, low alcohol content of 12% and light, bubbly texture.


The Classics, Premixed for Your Convenience

You can choose from a wide range of classics in premixed form like the ever popular Gordon's Gin & Tonic. Mixed by the great manufacturers themselves, each can contains just the right amount of spirits and tonic to ensure that the flavours of this historic gin shine.

If deeper, more complex spirits alcohol are your thing, Liberty Liquors recommends a pack of Jack Daniel's Double Jack & Cola Cans. This is a premix specially made for those who prefer a consistent and strong whisky drink balanced with the unmistakable flavour of cola.


Premixes For Iconic Cocktails and Classic Drinks in Australia

When you want to enjoy a perfectly mixed drink without the hassle of multiple ingredients and shakers, choose from Liberty Liquors’ excellent range of premixed cocktails and classics. Contact Liberty Liquors online for more information on alcohol based premixes, non alcoholic spirits, or place your order with us now!