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Selection of Premium Rum Brands in Western Australia

It’s fair to say that the world of rum is vast and challenging to navigate. To help you find the right style of rum for you, the Liberty Liquors team hand selects the best rums from across the world so that you can order online, without any compromise in trust or quality. Contact us today for world-class rum, spirits alcohol, dry red wine, whisky and more.


How is Rum Made?

Rum is widely considered to be one of the oldest spirits ever to be sold commercially. To make rum, sugarcane juice or molasses is used to make a thick syrup that is fermented and then distilled to create a spirit. Based on the type of rum, the spirit is aged in wood casks for different periods of time. Rum can be aged in casks from anywhere between 5 to10 years. Rum is also aged in old whisky barrels, making it popular with sippers who love barrel aged scotch and bourbon.

Unlike other spirits alcohol, there are no overarching regulations that control the production and distillation of rum. Finding the right rum requires more research because of how much it varies not only in style but also quality. That’s where the Liberty Liquors team comes in; our experts hand select the best Australian and international rum brands available so you always know that you’re getting quality delivered right to your doorstep.


Different Styles of Rum


Gold Rum

Gold rums are often medium-bodied spirits with added caramel for colour. Known for their smooth taste, they are often used in cocktails and can be enjoyed without much aging.

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum is cured in charred white oak barrels to get that characteristic taste and colour.


White Rum

White rum is a ‘young’ spirit that is aged for just about a year and filtered through charcoal to remove any and all colour.

Plantation 3 Stars White Rum Delicate is a brilliant example of a quality white rum. One sip is all you need to experience the perfectly balanced notes of coffee bean, vanilla, cloves and honey.


Aged Rum

Aged rum contains no additives and boasts a deep, dark colour because of the length of the barrel aging process. We recommend the Reserva Exclusiva Rum Diplomatico, a beautiful blend of rums that is aged for 12 years in some of the most sought after casks. This flavour profile is sure to appeal not only to rum drinkers, but to whisky and aged dry red wine connoisseurs as well.


White, Dark and Barrel Aged Rum in Western Australia

Whether it’s a barrel aged rum or craft beer, Liberty Liquors ensures that each product is sourced directly from renowned alcohol brands. Contact Liberty Liquors online or add world famous rums to your online cart now!