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From under $20 to exclusive bottles, Perth’s Liberty Liquors Claremont, has the best range of red wine varietals in Western Australia. Red wine varieties like Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, Sagrantino and Sangiovese are on the rise in popularity, as winemakers embrace their drought-resistant qualities in the face of a changing climate. As wine lovers, we delight in discovering their enchanting flavours. Nebbiolo also has strong tannins and tons of acid. The light colour belies the intense flavour pallet. It's grown in northern Italy and is the grape behind the infamous Barolo and Barbaresco. The flavours of this wine get more interesting and complex as it ages, which is why it's a great one to splurge on... and then save for a special occasion. Regarded as Spain’s noble grape, Tempranillo is mostly commonly known throughout the world as the main grape variety used to make Rioja. Its name comes from the Spanish word, temprana, which means early, referring to the fact that it’s an early-ripening red variety. In Australia, Tempranillo is taking off, having been planted throughout our wine growing areas. Some of our regions having the greatest success with it are Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Heathcote and Margaret River. Order and collect or have it delivered right to your door. Free shipping for orders over $100.