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Wide Range of Premium Tequila Brands in Western Australia

Liberty Liquors is proud to be Western Australia’s favourite online retailer for world famous tequila brands such as Don Julio, Del Maguey and Patron. Our range of bright, spicy tequilas and barrel aged varieties are sure to appeal even to whisky lovers and beer aficionados alike. Contact us today for premium spirits and non alcohol spirits in Australia.


How is Tequila Made?

When it comes to spirits alcohol flavours that are truly unique, nothing stands out more than premium tequila. This spirit is made by fermenting the juice obtained from the blue agave plant which is harvested after nearly a decade of growth.

The fermented juice is distilled in stills, often twice distilled to yield an exceptional spirit that has a high alcohol content. The liquid is then filtered, aged or blended based on the style, then cut with water to bring the alcohol content down to about 40%-55%.


Tequila Tasting Notes

With the vast variety of tequilas on the market, it can be difficult to generalise, but connoisseurs would agree that tequila has an earthy, slightly sweet, even fruity flavour that benefits from being barrel aged.

The Patron Reposado Barrel Select is known for its bold, barrel aged flavour that is the signature of this style. If you are an aficionado of well-aged whisky, this is the tequila for you!

The Mijenta Blanco Tequila is a refined tequila that gets its complexity from the detailed production process and deep earth well water used in the process.


How to Drink Tequila

While it is commonly believed that tequila should be drunk with lemon and salt (ideally when drinking blanco tequila), aged tequilas are excellent when poured on the rocks. The complexity of tequila makes it an excellent addition to various types of cocktails, especially ones with excellent local beer!


World-Class Tequila and Spirits Alcohol in Australia

Contact Liberty Liquors online for premium spirits and non alcohol spirits in Australia, or add your favourite tequila to your cart now for stress-free home delivery.