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From under $20 to exclusive bottles, Perth’s Liberty Liquors Claremont, has the best range of Riesling white wines in Western Australia. Riesling comes in a range of guises, from dry to off-dry, sweet and others in between. Some producers even include a sweetness scale on labels to help communicate the complexities of the variety. It’s a wonderfully versatile wine, with vibrant lemon and lime characters in youth mellowing into luscious, honeyed flavours with age. While riesling is adaptable and grown in various conditions worldwide, it prefers a cool environment for producing elegant examples. In Australia, the Clare and Eden Valleys have long been synonymous with riesling. Victoria’s Henty also makes a coveted style, as does WA’s Great Southern, and areas like the Canberra District and Tasmania are increasingly recognised. Australian Rieslings tend to be steely, dry wines with stunning citrus flavours. In contrast, European types are textural and with varying degrees of sweetness. Riesling wines range from water white in colour to straw green and deep yellow-gold. This high-acid variety displays zesty, juicy flavours of lemon, lime and tart Granny Smith apples when it is less ripe and richer, warmer flavours such as apricot, pineapple and ginger as it increases in sweetness. As it ages, it begins to show nutty, toasty and honeyed characters. Order and collect your Riesling or have it delivered right to your door. Free shipping for orders over $100.