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Buy High-End Cabernet Merlot Wines in Western Australia

Cabernet Merlot is a wonderful blended wine that combines the very best aspects of bold, powerful Cabernet Sauvignon and the drinkability of Merlot. Browse the Liberty Liquors range of blended Cabernet Merlot wines and choose from a carefully curated list of fine wines from across the world.


What is Cabernet Merlot?

Cabernet Merlot, also known as Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot is a red wine that traditionally uses a blend of famous grape varietals from Bordeaux. Although the connection to France is well established, the growing popularity of Australia Cabernet Merlot wines is a sign of the skill and experience of local winemakers, especially in the regions of Margaret River, Mclaren Vale and Coonawarra.

If you’re passionate about moderately dry red wine styles with notes of mocha, sweet spice, refined textures and dark chocolate, Cabernet Merlot is the wine for you.

The intensity of Cabernet Sauvignon and the dark fruit profile blends perfectly with the lighter, moderately sweet red wine qualities of Merlot. Based on their preferences, winemakers may use different proportions of either grape to get the results they’re looking for.


Food Pairing With Cabernet Merlot Red Wine Types

Cabernet Merlot red wine types feature tannins that are excellent with slow cooked red meats, fermented foods like kimchi, bolognese sauce and hearty pasta dishes.


Our Selection of Cabernet Merlot Red Wine


Logan Apple Tree Flat Cabernet Merlot

Sometimes, all you want is a simple, affordable dry red wine with tannins upfront combined with chocolate and berry flavours.


Te Mata Estate Awatea Cabernet Merlot

While this isn’t exactly a sweet red wine, there’s something undeniably playful about a wine with the lush aroma of berries and black cherry, liquorice and soft, supple chocolate tannins. If you’re looking for an elegant, personable wine for a special occasion, this is the one!


Woodlands Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Of all the red wine types in the Margaret River region, this Cabernet Merlot is sure to stand out at the table with its depth of character and ability to pair with almost anything on the menu.