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Popular Liqueurs From Around the World in Australia

Looking for something special to add to your bar collection? Liberty Liquors is home to the widest range of premium liqueurs from producers in Australia, Italy, France and more. Contact us today for different types of liqueur, spirits alcohol, premium whisky and sparkling wine.


What are Liqueurs?

Liqueur is a spirits alcohol drink which is made by mixing a distilled spirit like brandy or rum with sugar and other flavouring agents. While most people assume that liqueurs are sweet, the reality is that the world of liqueurs is very broad, with various flavours that appeal to every kind of palate.

With the growing popularity of the non alcoholic spirits sector, many master brewers and distillers are also developing premium non alcoholic liqueurs using their expertise.


Types of Liqueurs

Belle De Brillet Pear Cognac Liqueur is the perfect example of a fruit flavoured, semi-sweet liqueur that finds the ideal balance between sweet pear juice, cinnamon and anise spices at the finish.

Not all liqueurs are fruit flavoured. Australia’s very own Wise Cafe Pisco Cold is a liqueur style drink that is fantastic on its own, and even better when enjoyed as an espresso martini.

When it comes to the world of quality liqueurs, creativity is the name of the game. The St Germain Elderflower Liqueur is a highly sophisticated beverage with a dazzling aroma of pear, passionfruit and lemon.


How to Enjoy a Liqueur

Liqueurs are commonly found in cocktails, but to truly enjoy their complex flavours, many prefer to sip them on their own before or after a meal. Liqueurs are enjoyed on the rocks, added to coffee and even used in desserts to add depth of flavour and aroma. Here are some popular liqueur based cocktails to try at home.


Revolver Cocktail

Bourbon, coffee liqueur and orange bitters; a perfect blend for whisky aficionados who prefer cocktails that are low on sweetness.


Chambord Bellini

This cocktail is bright tasting, elegant looking and full of flavour. Made using Prosecco sparkling wine and Chambord liqueur, this final product is an utterly unique blackberry flavoured cocktail with the crisp effervescence of sparkling wine.


Fruit, Coffee and Flower Based Liqueurs in Western Australia

Need help selecting the best alcoholic liqueurs and non alcoholic spirits from around the world? Contact Liberty Liquors online for assistance or place your order today!