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Order Online From Best Range of Vodka in Western Australia

From affordable bottles for cocktail experiments to exclusive vodka from Europe’s best distillers, Liberty Liquors is Australia’s one-stop-shop for the world’s best vodka. Contact us today to learn more about premium vodka and what makes it so special.


What is Vodka Made From?

In the world of spirits alcohol, vodka is by far the most widely consumed. It is a clear spirit that can be made from many different ingredients. Mostly distilled from grain or potatoes, this spirit is traditionally consumed in Russia and Poland, but has gained popularity across the world.

Vodka is a relatively simple spirit that requires starch, water and yeast for production. Unlike red wine producers who highlight the grape, climate and soil associated with the wine, premium vodka brands are concerned with the quality of the water they use during production.


How to Drink Vodka

In Russia and Poland, vodka is usually sipped or downed as a shot. To truly enjoy premium vodka, it is often chilled in the freezer to make the 40% ABV easier to drink. Chilling the vodka also changes the texture, making it more pleasing on the palate.

Vodka is even more popular around the world as an ingredient in many classic cocktails. Liberty Liquors recommends variations of sparkling vodka cocktails for those who enjoy sparkling wine cocktails such as mimosas.


The Mark of a Premium Vodka

Premium vodkas such as NEFT White Barrel Vodka are produced with pure alpine spring water, high-quality grains and undergo multiple distillations and filtrations to get the cleanest, purest vodka.

On the other hand, Underground Spirits Caramel Vodka The Caramel Vodka offers something different, with rich caramel flavours that elevate the vodka experience to a new level.

In Australia, companies like Archie Rose Distilling Co. are redefining vodka by using double carbon filtered water and certified Australian wheat to create a stunning vodka that has notes of apple and mint.


Wide Range of Australian and International Vodka

Contact Liberty Liquors online today to learn about the best collection of vodka, spirits, non alcohol spirits and beer in Australia. Ready to order? Head over to the online shopping cart to place your order now!