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Curated List of Imported Red Wine Brands in Australia

While Australia has established itself as a leading producer of fine wines, there’s no doubt that the global wine industry is producing some incredible wines of different styles. As winemakers push the boundaries of winemaking, ushering in a new era of winemaking, the ability to carefully curate a wine list is more valuable than ever. The team at Liberty Liquors is passionate about presenting customers with a thoughtfully created selection of imported red wine brands from around the world. Browse our website for red wine imported from France, Italy and Spain.


Wide Range of Imported Red Wines

Liberty Liquors presents an excellent range of imported red wines selected by our team of wine tasters. The collection aims to highlight the very best wine styles from regions in the USA, Italy and France.

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Albino Rocca Barbaresco

Although this is a young wine made from a blend of vines from different areas in Italy, it manages to display just how balanced and sophisticated it is from the first sip. Whether you drink it immediately or choose to age it for a decade, this wine has all the structured fruitiness you would expect from an easy drinking wine. Browse our selection for more imported red wines from Italy.


Brian Oregon Gris

Clove, freshly cracked pepper and mild herbs are the foundation for this Pinot Gris from the United States. This wine is not shy about showcasing its aroma, one that is dominated by redcurrant and cherry. This is definitely one of the best imported red wine labels we have on offer.


Ad Vinum Les Amats Maudits

This is an ‘old school’ wine with certified organic grapes and no additions. Aged in old oak, it is bright, light, full of berries with a finish that is reminiscent of fruity pink peppercorn. If you’re looking for a unique red wine imported from France, this is the one!


Best Imported Red Wine List in Australia

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